Pick your weapon: histogram, density plot, or box plot

Data is just like music, presented the wrong way it becomes awful (Picture by Kaharlytskyi from Unsplash)

When dealing with data, the best way to quickly understand it is through visualization. Rather than analyzing them in tabular form, visualizing them allows for a quick and intuitive understanding. You might even find surprising results by visualizing your data.

“Most of us need to listen to the music to understand how beautiful it is. But often that’s how we present statistics: we just show the notes, we don’t play the music.” — Hans Rosling

There are many interesting insights we can get from our data and it can be obtained by knowing the distribution of the data. Visualizing the…


List of reasons why almost every bioinformatician use Linux instead of Windows

Image by Open Clip Art from Pixabay


Before we touch on the main topic, let me introduce you first to Bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is a discipline that bridges computational studies (computer science, statistics, data engineering) and biology. bioinformaticians help biologists in storing very large biological data, perform computational analysis, and transform biological queries into understandable results.

If you are a bioinformatician or have worked with one before, you probably realize one thing. For most of their work, bioinformaticians do not use Windows.

The reason is quite simple really. It is because most Bioinformatics work can't be done in Windows. And even if it is possible, there are a…

Data = Understanding

Picture by Alexander Sinn from Unsplash

Before we go any further, a little disclaimer, I am by no means an expert in Python and the Pandas library. In fact, it is the opposite. I am an avid R and its libraries user but I picked up Python programming just recently because I am interested in learning data science with Python, sorry for being unfaithful R 😢

What I hope to achieve by writing this post is first to help myself and other people that are just starting to program in python.

Without further stalling, let's get to it!

From years of programming in R, the first…

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